Grow your brand
with Toyargo Native Ad.
Toyargo ads are designed to look like regular contents
and exposed in the article section.
Features of Toyargo Native Ad.
Various types of contents
You can create, edit and add contents in real time, as well as produce contents in a variety of formats tailored to your purpose, including card news, video, and app download.
Easy campaign manage
Through Mmpopec’s platform, you can easily manage a wide variety of contents and campaigns and operate them customized to your situation.
Automatic Optimization
Performance tracking scripts track the final goal activity and automatically optimize the media, contents, and time of day based on the tracking results.
Targeting Options
Interest Targeting
When an article containing a specific keyword is viewed, keyword relevant ads are also exposed.
Media Targeting
You can expose the advertisement by selecting specific media more appropriate to your campaign.
Region Targeting
An advertisement is exposed for specific cities or areas based on user
How to make more profits
Expose your content to major media companies and attract more customers
3,000+ Media Globally
Expose your ads on over 3,000 international media in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hongkong and Thailand.